Rose’…Re-Mixed, Re-Mastered & REVOLUTIONIZED

To most of the urban young generation, the closest they’ve gotten to Rose’, the classic blush, still, warm weather wine, is Rozay.  Rick “Rozay” Ross, the Hip Hop artist supreme.  He is at this moment anyway.  If you ask 21 year olds and older what Rose’ taste like, they immediately think bubbly, Sweet and Pink.  This in part has to do with Moet Rose’ Nectar which has been a hit, selling in record numbers for the fine champagne category.  The club scene has maximized off the VIP section, where rounds of bottle popping from Moet Rose’ Nectar brings in astonishing profit.  The “Stunt Juice” (as I call it for its rock star quality) is sold for up to $300 a bottle on any given night in key markets like Atlanta, GA.

But emerging variations of the “New Rose” have also come out to play in these pink popularity times.  Korbel Sweet Rose, Bitch Bubbly, Sua Sparkling Strawberry and who can forget, the rising demand for Empire Pink Moscato.  Store owner Kenneth Christman of R&R Liquors says, “It’s on fire, moving like hotcakes.  It’s definitely a hot brand”.  Mr.Weiss of Weiss Liquors says “I haven’t seen anything quite like it in a long time, it’s selling like crazy”.  So you can imagine the surprise when a friend visited a retailer in Atlanta and asked the steward for a “great Rose”.  She brought it to a gathering and the bottle sat open and full for most of the night.  This, might I add, is blasphemy in my circle of friends.  “I thought this was Rose Rose’ not Rose’ .  Why is it so dryyyyyyyyy?  “Even White Zinfandel is pink and it’s sweet!”.  No doubt White Zinfandel in America has made it easy to confuse the two.  Of course everyone looks at me in confusion as if I’m the Resident wine doctor/mixologist in hopes that I can fix it.  I had to explain that she got exactly what she asked for.  European classic Rose blush, crisp and dry.  These teachable moments are key, albeit shocking, for the growing interest in wine in the U.S.  Now my friends say, I’d like Rose’…sweet, sparkling Rose’ that is” or are brand specific when shopping at a retailer.

The sweet sparkling Rose category has legs to position itself as a staple wine in the industry.  It also helps that every time Rick Ross chants over the airwaves, “Rozay…Rozay…Rozay” some immediately think of the bubbly, fruity wine.  I know I do.  I could also perhaps, be biased.

*Kanye Shrug*

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