Choosey Sippers

When I think of the Holidays and New Years Eve, I immediately think of people enjoying what they love. The tried and true. The things that never let them down. It’s a time of comfort, celebration and reflection. The same applies when it comes to wine. I remember reading a report that stated most wine and spirits are consumed within 12 hours of purchase. This is because most people are taking it to a place where they live, laugh, cry and share. It’s about the experience as well as the feeling.

The photo seen here was taken at an account that sells products in my portfolio. Savida Sangria, Sua Strawberry Sparkling and Candoni Moscato.  I had done a tasting hours before and dozens of people hustled in to re-live that first sip. They had Tried it and deemed it True. True to their tastebuds and their agenda. I always tell my friends and family to take advantage of tastings. Never take a bottle to a party that you’ve never tried. It could get real ugly.  Your offering could be the joke of the night. And as my twitter pal @myleik said a few days after being frustrated with a wine gift, “If you can’t recommend it because you havent tried it, don’t give it. Or do Veuve (Clicquot)-tried and true”.  I couldn’t agree more. If you love it, more chances than not, your friends will like it too. Like they say, The grape doesn’t fall too far from the vine.  Or maybe I’m the only one that says this. Anywhoo! Cheers to the Tried & True!

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