A Most Needed Christmas Gift

Brookstone’s Automatic Wine Opener is not just a device…It’s an experience. A quick one at that! My Uncle was surprised to learn that I did not have one of these innovative, life made easy, wine openers and was thrilled when I opened my gift and shreiked. I had been in denial that I wanted one. I guess kind of how a person used to deny wanting a Blackberry or iphone. “I just don’t neeeeed it”
But in my defense, I was trained by wine professionals on how nostalgic it is to have a wine tool in your pocket or purse. Just flip it out, carefully open wine bottle and watch as people compliment your bottle skills. The entire process is in art.
But let’s face it. When you’re hosting a party and pouring wines (as I always am) you need to pop those bottles open in a hurry. Guests frowning at the mouth while holding out the empty glass, is not a good look.
The Brookstone auto wine opener is masterful. I mean, you just zap it for a few moments, then voila! Cork is out. The party continues.
So, this is not to say I will give up my faithful, small, double- hinged knife and corkscrew. Oh No NoNo! It makes me feel accomplished and every twist to dig cork action is an ode to my Austrian and French wine teachers. But, I am happy that I have this too. Happiness is about options and efficiency. And I can dig it.

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2 thoughts on “A Most Needed Christmas Gift

    • Hi Theresa! There are 6 in a case and they are $11.99 each. Vintage Wine and Spirits Vintage Wine Shoppe should have it. The address is below and I can get you a list of other locations if you need them. Thanks!

      432 Cahaba Park Cir
      Birmingham, AL 35242-5008
      (205) 980-9995

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