Power & Inspiration: Francis Ford Coppola

This photo was taken in Atlanta a few years ago when FFC was presenting a new line of wines to a small group of industry leaders.  I absolutely cherish it.  At the time, I was working exclusively for an Italian winery. This event inspired me to incorporate a lifestyle editorial component into my future wine business.  Today, I decided that I have the resources to do it and will develop it slowly in the upcoming months.  Francis Ford Coppola, the grand artist that he is, starred in a one man theatrical comedy about his life, his work, and his wine. I remember him telling the story of when he told his friends he was going into the wine business.  “You’re a very successful movie director… why are you experimenting with wine?” they said. He said those same friends now jokingly ask, “You’re a very successful wine winemaker, why are you wasting time producing movies?”  Magically, Francis Ford Coppola has managed to do both, and do them both well.  That night, I realized that wine is a lifestyle. From the vine to the wine, a lot of love, patience, style, presentation, contemplation and determination go into the finished product. And yet, it still evolves and changes with time. Sometimes, it’s for the better.  Other times… not so much. But it’s the journey that counts.  That’s life. That’s wine. That’s Inspiration.

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