Savida Sangria and BBQ: The Perfect 4th of July Celebration Mix!


Well since its Fourth of July weekend, that means tons of fireworks, friends, family, and barbeque. So in honor of the holiday, it’s all about the barbeque and what better barbeque is there than Charles Vergos’ Rendezvous in Memphis, TN. This world famous restaurant let some of our tasters pair their infamous ribs with Savida Sangria Red and Savida Sangria White.

“The seasoning on the ribs has a tangy to it, but when you drink the Sangria it is almost like they were meant to go together,” said Derwin Bernard, who was one of the tasters.

The spicy dry rub ribs paired superbly with the sweetness of both the Savida Sangria Red and Savida Sangria White. The Savida Sangria even complimented the flavors of the Cole slaw and baked beans that accompany each plate of ribs.

“Before today, I would have never thought to drink sangria while enjoying my barbeque, but now I know they’re great together,” said Kirby Ingram.

Enjoy Savida Sangria at home or out with your friends for the Fourth of July weekend. Savida can be purchased in Memphis, TN at Kirby Wine and Spirits, 2865 Kirby Rd. Memphis, TN 38119, and Grape and Grain , 8057 US Hwy 64  Suite 104 Memphis, TN 38133

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