Wine of the Week: Sweet Sunset Golden Peach Chardonnay

I remember eating fresh peaches during the smoldering hot summer days of the South. In Birmingham, AL. to be exact and at my grandmother’s house in Inglenook to be specific.  I would grab the prettiest peach from the refrigerator, relax on the porch and chomp away. It felt like I was biting into luxury as I slurped every ounce of oozing, dripping, and sweet nectar. That’s exactly how I feel as I sip Sweet Sunset Golden Peach. 

Sweet Sunset Golden Peach is a dessert wine made from Chardonnay grapes with natural peach cream flavor. Ripe peach flavors and rich vanilla accents make this a unique white wine with just the right combination of sweet fruit, mouth filling flavors and a pleasant, lingering finish. Sweet Sunset Golden Peach is a favorite amongst sweet wine enthusiasts and especially peach nectar lovers. Perfect wine for poolside or parlaying on the patio.  Serve VERY chilled.

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2 thoughts on “Wine of the Week: Sweet Sunset Golden Peach Chardonnay

  1. I would order a couple bottles of this wine and the OTHERS that I put an order in ,IF SOMEBODYwould send me my order!!!! AAND UNCLE PETE’s !!!!!!!!

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