CHOYA Junmai Ume Sake…Turning Sake Haters into Sake Lovers

So, you say you don’t like Sake. Well, you THINK you don’t like Sake. As in all things, it takes that one special item to make you forget everything you thought you knew. Choya Junmai Ume Sake is indeed that Sake. Imported from Japan and flavored with Ume from Kishu, this delicate, fruity, and medium-bodied sake has a lingering apricot finish.  It is simply delightful. The fruity ingredient, Umeshu, is a popular plum-like fruit cherished in Japan as a healing fruit. Ume‘s delicious tang comes from citric acid. This refreshing flavor induces the appetite. Umeshu also contains malic and succinic acids.

Try it tonight with seafood or sushi. My preference is pairing it with Makizushi or sushi rolls and a variety of  salmon, tuna and yellowfish Sashimi. Choya Junmai Ume Sake comes in 300ml or 750ml sizes. Available in retailers worldwide. Email me for retailer locations in Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee. Enjoy and continue to Sip Exquisitely.



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