Frost Bitten Ice Riesling & Exotic Cheese=Paradise

At a recent Food & Wine experience in Atlanta, GA I
discovered paradise… in a sip and a taste. I am not usually a fan of cream
cheese or as I use to call it “soft cheese”. But as my palate developed in wine
appreciation, so did my palate in cuisine. Frost Bitten Ice Riesling is made in
the style of an ice wine with a hint of acidity that is common amongst
Rieslings. But Ice Wine is a bit sweeter due to crushing the grapes after they
are frozen. The sweetness and acidity matched perfectly with Secret Des Lys
cheese and Epoisses cheese from French Cheese Club umbrella and also the Le
Roule Garlic & Herb cheese log. The Secret Des Lys cheese is a triple cream
cheese with a fluffy texture and a buttery sweet taste. The Award winning
Epoisses is a soft cheese washed with marc De Bourgogne. The paste is richly
flavorful. Lastly, the Le Roule Garlic & Herb cheese is simply delightful.
Rich and bursting with garlic flavor, it balances perfectly with the apricot,
peach and acidity profile of Frost Bitten Ice Riesling. Truly a winning match!

Sip Exquisitely!

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