Wishing you a very exquisite Christmas from Snow Beauty Sake


This Holiday Season, I’d like to introduce you to something new, unique and elegant. Snow Beauty Sake is exquisite Japanese nigori sake that is gaining popularity in the US amongst the cultured, sake savvy, and sophisticated sake lovers. Nigori means “cloudy” in Japanese. It is unfiltered which means the rice sediment remains, hence the white color.

It is Excellent as an aperitif and also a wonderful accompaniment with fine beef dishes such as Kobe beef, wagyu steak, shabu shabu, and sukiyaki. Snow Beauty  Sake is also excellent with mildly hot and spicy cuisine such as stir-fry dishes flavored with Asian chili sauce, Bulgogi Korean barbecue, kimchi jigae (kimchi flavored stew), and Thai and Indian curries. Serve Chilled and Sip Exquisitely.



Happy Holidays from Staceywines.com





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