Wine:The Perfect Political Machine

Yesterday, GOP Presidential bid seeker Rick Perry spoke to 150 supporters at the Santa Maria Vineyard & Winery in Carroll, Iowa. The Chicago Tribune called it “Quirky” in its article, “Iowa’s quirky caucuses open 2012 White House race”,0,317185.story But in my opinion, this move shows exhibits Perry and his team as progressive trend-setters and insightful as Wine in the US is  becoming an extremely serious matter. In June of 2011, the Wine Institute and LA Times reported that after a two-year slump, domestic wine retail sales in 2010 increased 7% from the prior year; U.S. wine exports jumped 26%. And for the first time, the U.S. consumed more wine than France. More wine thanFrance?! Yes! It’s shocking I know, but true.  When I think about it more, it’s not so surprising being that Americans are supreme in self-gratification, indulgence, and greed. We want what we want… period. And in the spirit of Season 1 of Atlanta Housewives where Sheree Whitfield exclaimed, “Who gone check me Boo?!” no one dare come between Americans and our occasional, relaxing and divine glass of wine.

But back to Rick Perry and the Iowa Caucus, having such a serious event at such a pleasurable venue is a smart move.  Wine generally disarms and relaxes otherwise argumentative tongues. Most times, wine allows people to be at ease and open about sharing and listening to the ideas of others. Exactly what Rick Perry and any candidate should want. The Republican Party is not in good shape when it comes to finding a match for President Obama. In times like these, they need fresh ideas. They need inclusiveness, unity, and harmony. Another winery, Prairie Moon Winery, has been selected for Story County’s 22nd precinct’ preliminary voting location.  I am by no means a Rick Perry fan, but I am impressed by this non traditional venue selection. I’m also quite sure attendees were equally impressed with the locale, as it states in Judges 9:13, “Wine … cheereth God and Man”


Check out Santa Maria winery at

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