Refreshing and Relaxing Summer Wines

Summertime in the South is a lovely and picturesque sight, but the Heat index can turn your Summer Oasis into a melting pot. Cool down with these refreshing, crisp and interesting wines and escape to an easy breezy oasis within.

Sweet Sunset Golden Peach- This wine is for the Sweet tooth wine lover. This mouth filling, slightly creamy, burst of frozen peach wine is as fun as it is deliciously dreamy.

Savida White Sangria- California Sauvignon Blanc blended with all natural juice of tangerine, peach, lemon and lime. No added sugar and all natural.

CHOYA Ume Blanc- Made from the Japanese Super Fruit, Ume, this delicate and enchanting white wine is not only rich to the taste buds, but also healthy by providing antioxidants, energy and potassium.

Oh Rome Moscato d Asti-With so many imitation Moscato’s in abundance across the country, it’s nice to have a real Italian Moscato with high quality. Sip a nice chilled glass of Italian Oh Rome Moscato and relish hints of honeysuckle, pear and white peach.

Heavyweight Chardonnay- A Chardonnay is just a Chardonnay, right? Not really. Heavyweight Chardonnay is crisp, with hints of green apple, pear and honey. Light, lively, lovable.

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