A Toast to the TIGERS!

Whether you root for your Tigers in the roaring stands with fellow fans or celebrating at a tailgate, or perhaps at home in your comfort zone, the fact is you love your Tigers. Tennessee State Tigers, Detroit Tigers, Memphis Tigers and Auburn Tigers are just a few teams that have loyal followings. This Holiday season, give the gift they REALLY want. A Tiger with TRUE Spirit. Vodka Spirit. Cheers!   Distributed by Athens Distributing in TN. 80 proof Vodka. Sold at R&R Liquors in Nashville, Kirby Wine & Spirits and Stellar Wine & Spirits in Memphis. For more retailers in the US, email sdiltz@staceywines.com

Refreshing and Relaxing Summer Wines

Summertime in the South is a lovely and picturesque sight, but the Heat index can turn your Summer Oasis into a melting pot. Cool down with these refreshing, crisp and interesting wines and escape to an easy breezy oasis within.

Sweet Sunset Golden Peach- This wine is for the Sweet tooth wine lover. This mouth filling, slightly creamy, burst of frozen peach wine is as fun as it is deliciously dreamy.

Savida White Sangria- California Sauvignon Blanc blended with all natural juice of tangerine, peach, lemon and lime. No added sugar and all natural.

CHOYA Ume Blanc- Made from the Japanese Super Fruit, Ume, this delicate and enchanting white wine is not only rich to the taste buds, but also healthy by providing antioxidants, energy and potassium.

Oh Rome Moscato d Asti-With so many imitation Moscato’s in abundance across the country, it’s nice to have a real Italian Moscato with high quality. Sip a nice chilled glass of Italian Oh Rome Moscato and relish hints of honeysuckle, pear and white peach.

Heavyweight Chardonnay- A Chardonnay is just a Chardonnay, right? Not really. Heavyweight Chardonnay is crisp, with hints of green apple, pear and honey. Light, lively, lovable.

A Toast to JayZ and Beyonce’s new Baby Girl!

The baby that the world seems to have been buzzing about since Beyonce revealed her “Baby Bump” at last year’s VMA’s  has arrived. Media sources say the baby girl of Beyonce and JayZ’s name is Blue Ivy. It was also reported that the Carter’s rented out the entire fourth floor of Lenox Hill hospital for $1.3 million dollars. Close friends and family ordered takeout food and bottles of Red Wine delivered while waiting for this baby, who was royalty even as a fetus, to arrive.

As the celebration continues, I’d like to offer up a few Red Wine selections fitting for the Super celebrities, their friends, and for this exciting and monumental time. Trilogy by Flora Springs is a blend of Cabernet, Merlot, Petit Verdot and Malbec. One of my favorite wines of all time, this silky and fruit forward wine is perfect for Supernova’s like the Carters. Since Blue Ivy now makes up the 3rd member of their family, the symbolism in the name is that they will be united forever. My buddy Richard Tiederman is the California Regional Sales Manager for Flora Springs and he always describes the wine with such passion and grace. Cheers to him on the 25th Anniversary of “Trilogy” www.florasprings.com Trilogy retail $65.00

Another Red Wine suggestion is Heavyweight Red. This knockout of a wine has aromas of blackberry and currant, is elegant, jammy and superb; an Excellent value at only $12.99. Undoubtedly, JayZ and Beyonce are both Heavyweights in the music industry, fashion industry and overall business world. One can’t help but to think Blue Ivy will be a Heavyweight in her own right. I will be watching, and so will the world. Cheers to Blue Ivy! Heavyweight Red-Retail $12.99 www.adswines.com

Wine:The Perfect Political Machine

Yesterday, GOP Presidential bid seeker Rick Perry spoke to 150 supporters at the Santa Maria Vineyard & Winery in Carroll, Iowa. The Chicago Tribune called it “Quirky” in its article, “Iowa’s quirky caucuses open 2012 White House race” http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/politics/sns-rt-us-usa-campaign-caucusestre8020ix-20120103,0,317185.story But in my opinion, this move shows exhibits Perry and his team as progressive trend-setters and insightful as Wine in the US is  becoming an extremely serious matter. In June of 2011, the Wine Institute and LA Times reported that after a two-year slump, domestic wine retail sales in 2010 increased 7% from the prior year; U.S. wine exports jumped 26%. And for the first time, the U.S. consumed more wine than France. More wine thanFrance?! Yes! It’s shocking I know, but true.  When I think about it more, it’s not so surprising being that Americans are supreme in self-gratification, indulgence, and greed. We want what we want… period. And in the spirit of Season 1 of Atlanta Housewives where Sheree Whitfield exclaimed, “Who gone check me Boo?!” no one dare come between Americans and our occasional, relaxing and divine glass of wine.

But back to Rick Perry and the Iowa Caucus, having such a serious event at such a pleasurable venue is a smart move.  Wine generally disarms and relaxes otherwise argumentative tongues. Most times, wine allows people to be at ease and open about sharing and listening to the ideas of others. Exactly what Rick Perry and any candidate should want. The Republican Party is not in good shape when it comes to finding a match for President Obama. In times like these, they need fresh ideas. They need inclusiveness, unity, and harmony. Another winery, Prairie Moon Winery, has been selected for Story County’s 22nd precinct’ preliminary voting location.  I am by no means a Rick Perry fan, but I am impressed by this non traditional venue selection. I’m also quite sure attendees were equally impressed with the locale, as it states in Judges 9:13, “Wine … cheereth God and Man”


Check out Santa Maria winery at www.santamariawinery.com

Wishing you a very exquisite Christmas from Snow Beauty Sake


This Holiday Season, I’d like to introduce you to something new, unique and elegant. Snow Beauty Sake is exquisite Japanese nigori sake that is gaining popularity in the US amongst the cultured, sake savvy, and sophisticated sake lovers. Nigori means “cloudy” in Japanese. It is unfiltered which means the rice sediment remains, hence the white color.

It is Excellent as an aperitif and also a wonderful accompaniment with fine beef dishes such as Kobe beef, wagyu steak, shabu shabu, and sukiyaki. Snow Beauty  Sake is also excellent with mildly hot and spicy cuisine such as stir-fry dishes flavored with Asian chili sauce, Bulgogi Korean barbecue, kimchi jigae (kimchi flavored stew), and Thai and Indian curries. Serve Chilled and Sip Exquisitely.



Happy Holidays from Staceywines.com





Frost Bitten Ice Riesling & Exotic Cheese=Paradise

At a recent Food & Wine experience in Atlanta, GA I
discovered paradise… in a sip and a taste. I am not usually a fan of cream
cheese or as I use to call it “soft cheese”. But as my palate developed in wine
appreciation, so did my palate in cuisine. Frost Bitten Ice Riesling is made in
the style of an ice wine with a hint of acidity that is common amongst
Rieslings. But Ice Wine is a bit sweeter due to crushing the grapes after they
are frozen. The sweetness and acidity matched perfectly with Secret Des Lys
cheese and Epoisses cheese from French Cheese Club umbrella and also the Le
Roule Garlic & Herb cheese log. The Secret Des Lys cheese is a triple cream
cheese with a fluffy texture and a buttery sweet taste. The Award winning
Epoisses is a soft cheese washed with marc De Bourgogne. The paste is richly
flavorful. Lastly, the Le Roule Garlic & Herb cheese is simply delightful.
Rich and bursting with garlic flavor, it balances perfectly with the apricot,
peach and acidity profile of Frost Bitten Ice Riesling. Truly a winning match!

Sip Exquisitely!

CHOYA Junmai Ume Sake…Turning Sake Haters into Sake Lovers

So, you say you don’t like Sake. Well, you THINK you don’t like Sake. As in all things, it takes that one special item to make you forget everything you thought you knew. Choya Junmai Ume Sake is indeed that Sake. Imported from Japan and flavored with Ume from Kishu, this delicate, fruity, and medium-bodied sake has a lingering apricot finish.  It is simply delightful. The fruity ingredient, Umeshu, is a popular plum-like fruit cherished in Japan as a healing fruit. Ume‘s delicious tang comes from citric acid. This refreshing flavor induces the appetite. Umeshu also contains malic and succinic acids.

Try it tonight with seafood or sushi. My preference is pairing it with Makizushi or sushi rolls and a variety of  salmon, tuna and yellowfish Sashimi. Choya Junmai Ume Sake comes in 300ml or 750ml sizes. Available in retailers worldwide. Email me for retailer locations in Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee. Enjoy and continue to Sip Exquisitely.



Heavyweight Red- Cabernet, Red Zinfandel, Syrah…Masterful!

Heavyweight Red

When you’ve got a big, rare rib eye or a
killer cheeseburger on your plate, do you really want a nice little fruity
white wine or a delicate pink number in your glass? We didn’t think so.
Sometimes the situation just calls for BIG, rich, mouthful of flavor, and
that’s when you need a Champion in your glass!

Now don’t worry, this Cabernet Sauvignon
isn’t just another big bruiser. The blackberry and currant aromas are swift and
lingering. The rich fruit flavors don’t feint or dodge-they’re straight ahead
and swarming. And like the best heavyweights, the flavors come at you in
combinations and by the time you figure one out, you get hit with another. So
just take a couple of sips and then go your corner and catch your breath….

Premium, oak aged Cabernet Sauvignon blended with Syrah and Zinfandel. Three Collector’s
Labels are available for each vintage. www.adswines.com

Wine of the Week: Sweet Sunset Golden Peach Chardonnay

I remember eating fresh peaches during the smoldering hot summer days of the South. In Birmingham, AL. to be exact and at my grandmother’s house in Inglenook to be specific.  I would grab the prettiest peach from the refrigerator, relax on the porch and chomp away. It felt like I was biting into luxury as I slurped every ounce of oozing, dripping, and sweet nectar. That’s exactly how I feel as I sip Sweet Sunset Golden Peach. 

Sweet Sunset Golden Peach is a dessert wine made from Chardonnay grapes with natural peach cream flavor. Ripe peach flavors and rich vanilla accents make this a unique white wine with just the right combination of sweet fruit, mouth filling flavors and a pleasant, lingering finish. Sweet Sunset Golden Peach is a favorite amongst sweet wine enthusiasts and especially peach nectar lovers. Perfect wine for poolside or parlaying on the patio.  Serve VERY chilled.