Sua (swah) Strawberry Sparkling

Just say SUA, as in suave, and see why SUA is Sparkling like never before!

This Argentinean bubbly is always the showstopper of the party. The rich strawberry pulp is visibly seen in the bottle and packs a punch with its 11.5%alc volume. Ripe strawberry flavors that bubble in your glass and burst in your mouth. Chill, pop, sip and enjoy.

15 thoughts on “Sua (swah) Strawberry Sparkling

  1. Delicious wine! It’s a sweet bubbly with nice strawberry flavor. It seems pretty potent as well, but I haven’t drank enough yet to test that theory…Do be careful with it. It tastes so good, you may not notice how much alcohol you’re consuming.

  2. I need help finding where I can buy this….I love it! I live near Sacramento, CA, but can only find it in the bay area (Bodega Bay, CA)…..I have tried so many places to see if anyone an get it. 😦

    • Tammy, I love Sua too! So glad you enjoy it. If you ask your retailer to order it, they can and will. Tell them you love it and will buy it often. I can email you a photo to show the store owner if you’d like. If that doesnt work, I will have someone in Cali to ship it to you. Let me know how it goes.

  3. I have tried the red and HATE IT.. it’s too sweet and yucky! the white is wonderful and the sparkling we love as well.. but NOT THE red.

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