Sweet Sunset Red Chocolate & Golden Peach

Sweet Sunset Golden Peach and Red Chocolate is  an amazing fusion. The Golden Peach is a Chardonnay that tastes as if you’ve bitten into a frozen peach. Red Chocolate is a Merlot infused with chocolate. Exhilarating!www.adswines.com

26 thoughts on “Sweet Sunset Red Chocolate & Golden Peach

    • I’ve had the Sweet Sunset ” Red Chocolate ” before and the favor was simply tantalizingly delightful to my palate ! The subtleness of its sweetness while remaining refreshing was an experience that I can never forget. I MUST HAVE IT AGAIN !!!!

  1. Me and my wife enjoy this flavor for the summer months in bellville mi it great chilled I paired it with lake trout outstanding !!!! We discovered it 3 years ago at a local grocery market hillers for thanks giving .then they stop carring it the next year but got lucky found it at a liquor store in livionia and Ann arbor mi thanks I’ve turned it on to 30 friends at our home for wine dinner we gave

  2. Peach sunset I found to Be more like a liqueur than a wine , I never thought a wine could be as sweet as this Is I wont be buying it again unless I mixed it with club soda or something to break up the sweet aspect of it .

    • Hi Tarah,
      Thanks for trying Sweet Sunset Peach. Liqueur’s are a lot stronger and thicker than Sweet Sunset Peach. But, its definitely sweet and for the younger palate. Mixing with Club Soda is also a great idea 🙂

  3. I need to find a place in San Diego that carries this wine. I’ve called multiple liquor stores and wine stores and they dont have it. Can someone give me some retail stores that might carry it. Thanks.

  4. I love the red chocolate but can’t find a store in MA that carries it, nor anyone willing to order it for me. Is there a way I can order a case and have it shipped to Beverly MA? If not can it ship to either RI or ME and I can pick it up from my sister?

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