Where to Try & Buy



Sua Sparkling Strawberry

  • Vintage Wine Shop-432 Cahaba Park Circle Birmingham, AL 35242
  • Bottle Shop-Roebuck Parkway, Birmigham AL
  • Villa Spirits-1157 Huffman Road Birmingham, AL 35215
  • City Vineyard-5479 Highway 280 Birmingham, AL


  • Villa Spirits-1157 Huffman Road Birmingham, AL 35215

Heavyweight Wines-Locations coming soon

Sweet Sunset Chocolate Merlot & Peach Chardonnay

Vintage Wine Shop-432 Cahaba Park Circle Birmingham, AL 35242


Savida  Red & White Sangria

  • Straits-793 Juniper Street Northeast
    Atlanta, GA 30308-1326
  • Disco Kroger-3330 Piedmont Rd NE # 16
    Atlanta, GA 30305-1726
  • Via Pizza Food Bar-262 Pharr Road Atlanta, GA 30305
  •  Most KROGER stores
  • Publix
  • TP Productions Dinner Theatre

TENNESSEE- Nashville, Memphis, Chattanooga, Knoxville

Sua Sparkling Strawberry-NASHVILLE

  • Kidd Wines -1309 Bell Rd # 209 Antioch, TN 37013
  • Bordeaux Liquors-3711 Clarksville Pike Nashville, TN 37218

Savida Sangria-NASHVILLE

  • Kidd Wines -1309 Bell Rd # 209 Antioch, TN 37013
  • R&R Liquors-1043 Jefferson Street Nashville, TN 37208
  • Weiss Liquors-Downtown Nashville
  • West End Discount Liquors-2818 West End Avenue Nashville, TN 37203
  • Midtown Wine & Spirits-Nashville, TN
  • Harpeth Liquors-1203 Murfreesboro Road  Suite 405 Franklin, TN 37064
  • Market Basket-1505 W Main Street Lebanon, TN
  • Red Dog Wine& Spirits-Franklin, TN
  • Bordeaux Liquors-3711 Clarksville Pike Nashville, TN 37218
  • Lake Liquors-2278 Murfreesboro Pike Nashville, Tennessee 37217
  • Donelson Pike Liquors-519 Donelson Pike Nashville, TN


  • Vine & Bell- Chattanooga
  • Ooltewah Wine & Spirits-Chattanooga
  • EZ Liquors-Chattanooga
  • Sports Wine & Spirits-Chattanooga
  • Hamilton Wines-Chattanooga


  • Busters-Memphis, TN
  • Kirby Wine & Spirits-Memphis, TN
  • Cardosi Liquors-Memphis, TN


  •   Campbell Station Wine & Spirits-Knoxville, TN
  •   Green Meadow Wine & Spirits-Alcoa, TN


Heavyweight Cabernet- Nashville

  • Flemings Steakhouse-West End Avenue
  • Kidd Wines-1309 Bell Rd # 209 Antioch, TN 37013
  • Caddy’s Discount Liquors
  • Case Selects
  • Cool Springs Wine & Spirits
  • Donelson Pike Liquors
  • Favorite Liquors
  • Grand Cru Wine & Spirits
  • Grapevine Wine & Spirits
  • Harpeth Liquors
  • Hillwood Village
  • Holiday Wine &  Liquor
  • Jackson Liquors
  • Jackson Wine & Spirits
  • Liquor for Less
  • Midtown Wine & Spirits
  • Murfreesboro Wine & Spirits
  • Nashville Wine & Spirits
  • Parkway Wine & Spirits
  • Red Dog Wine & Spirits
  • River Road Liquors
  • Stones River Liquors
  • West Side Wine & Spirits


Oh Rome Moscato D’ Asti –NASHVILLE

  • Sinker’s
  • Weiss Liquors
  • West End Discount Liquors
  • Harpeth Liquors
  • Kidd Wines & Spirits
  • Antioch Wine & Spirits
  • Bill’s-Clarksville
  • Cane Ridge Liquors
  • Caroll Street-Tullahoma
  • Crocker Fine Wine & Spirits
  • Donelson Pike Liquors
  • Favorite Liquors
  • Liquor for Less
  • Major Discount Liquors
  • Market Basket Discount Liquors
  • Metropolitan Wine
  • Mill Creek Discount Liquors
  • Mulligans W&S
  • North Jackson Wine & Spirits
  • Queen City Liquors
  • Sinkers
  • Southern Spirits Discount Liquors
  • Sparta Pike Spirits
  • TLC Liquor & Wine
  • West Main W&S




  • Thunder Road Wine & Spirits
  • Chuck’s Wine & Spirits
  • The Cellar Package
  • Palace Wine & Spirits


Sweet Sunset Red Chocolate and Peach Chardonnay-NASHVILLE

  • West Side Wine & Spirits-Franklin, TN
  • R&R Liquors-1043 Jefferson Street Nashville, TN 37208
  • Kidd Wines-1309 Bell Rd # 209 Antioch, TN 37013
  • Red Dog Wine & Spirits-Franklin, TN
  • Harpeth Liquors-1203 Murfreesboro Road  Suite 405 Franklin, TN 37064
  • West End Discount Liquors
  • Sinker’s
  • Case Selects-Franklin, TN

60 thoughts on “Where to Try & Buy

    OAK CREEK, WI 53154


  2. I want to know how I can go about purchasing online. I’m located in Indiana, however my cousin in Texas is raving about Oh Rome Mosacato D’Asti and I would love to try it.

    • Hi Lucille!
      Thanks so much for your interest in Oh Rome Moscato D’ Asti! I am sending you an email regarding other options to get Oh Rome. Also, Texas will be re-stocked shortly.

  3. I live in Katy TX and a friend on mine brought Oh Rome Moscato D’asti to my house a couple of weeks ago and I have been trying to find it ever since. What stores can I find it in. I’ve looked in HEB, Kroger, Randalls, Specs…but none seem to have it or ever heard of it. Thanks..

  4. Bonnie, just saw your note about about finding Oh Rome in HEB…and just called them and they should be getting it in by the end of this week….Thanks so much for the suggestion…

  5. Had the SUA this weekend at a wedding and I must say it was DELIGHTFUL!!! I’ll be buying a few bottles from Kidd Wines this weekend! Thanks Stacey!!! :c)

  6. Bought the last bottle of Oh Rome Moscato D’Asti from my HEB in League City TX. They said HEB will no longer carry it since they couldnt reach an agreement with the distributor. 😦 not happy!

  7. What liquor stores can I purchase Oh Rome Moscato D’ Asti in San Antonio, Texas? Also what is the price and can I get a discount if I buy 6 or more bottles at a time?

  8. I was given your Oh, ROme! wine for an auction and we need to publish the value, I can’t find a price for this wine. Can you please tell me what it sells for?
    Oh, Rome! Mosacato D’Asti is the name

  9. i live in Houston TX i found a bottle of oh Rome at a heb off westhimer and every since then they have not had any is there anywhere i can purchase it online or another location i could go i’d love to have some for superbowl. thank you chris

    • Hi Chris!
      Thanks so much for trying Oh Rome Moscato. HEB is the only store that stocks the wine in Texas. You should be able to find it at other locations. They do, however, run out very quickly. If you have more trouble finding it please contact me again. Thanks!

  10. I am the beer/wine mgr. for a HEB store in Waco, Texas and I have sold my last bottle of Oh Rome Moscato, which by the way was my number one selling wine, and I have customers asking for it nonstop. Is there a possiblity of HEB handling this wine again in the future?

  11. I just talked to a manager at the HEB in Leander, Tx and he says that HEB buys Oh Rome Moscato D’Asti in November every year as a seasonal wine. Where else can I get this wine? I can’t wait that long, it is tooooo good!

  12. I am in burleson tx area. I have been buying oh Rome at HEB. Went there yesterday and was told that it had been discontinued. WHY? Is there not another store in tx that carries it?

  13. I leave in Texas and used to be able to buy Oh Rome! Moscato D’Asti at HEB. But due to politics, they no longer sell this wine. Where else can I purchase this wine?

  14. We love love love oh Rhome, in burleson Texas !! However our HEB said the discontinued it because they couldn’t get it fast enough.. Our community was buying them out as soon as it was stocked!!! Could you please please let me know where I can buy it online?

  15. hi i live in lubbock texas and had the pleasure of trying your Mascaro D’ Asti even though i’m not much of a wine drinker i’m very sure i can enjoy this wine please let me know of any plasce or how i may purchase some thanks rassie

  16. I have been buying “Oh Rome! Mocato D’Asti” at HEB but can no longer find it…please help. Where can I find “Oh Rome!” in Houston Texas?

  17. I am wanting to purchase “Oh Rome! Mocato D’Asti” in southern Texas; specifically in the McAllen, Mission, Edinburg area. Can you help please?

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